Nonprofit Services

Storytelling is key

How do you reach your intended audience? Increasingly, information about local organizations reaches people in small, digestible clips. Long gone are the days where people will sit and watch a 10-minute testimonial video. As we spend more time on social media, the average time we spend on any given piece of content is decreasing. Take advantage of this!

STORY Service

STORY service includes a package of 15-60 second videos, targeted to your audience, by platform. Whether you want to reach people through your website, Facebook, or other mediums, there is an ideal length and message to best reach individuals. The 1-month nonprofit STORY campaign package includes an initial, free 30-minute consultation. What comes next?

  • Team planning session and subsequent script development assistance

  • On-site videography sessions to capture testimonials and stories

  • Editing to desired lengths (typically 15-30 seconds, and 60 seconds)

  • Captioning, music, and other presentation features to make your videos stand out

  • Delivery of final STORY package for posting on social media, with guidelines and hashtags

Visit my videography page for examples or contact me today for a consultation! Prices start at $450 for 1-month campaigns.

Storyteller Apprentice Program

My Storyteller Apprentice Program is an empowerment program for nonprofits wishing to learn about how to sustainably tell stories in visual format. The group-based training, now on Zoom, is an interactive 2-3 hour session and includes the following:

  • How to identify your audience, e.g., board, public, clients

  • How to plan a story

  • How to record videos with equipment you already have

  • How to edit videos using free software on mobile devices

  • How to post videos on social media and promote them with a limited budget

  • Budget enhancements to improve any video

  • Assignments to practice ahead of your first real video project

  • Digital resource packet

Prices are on a sliding scale depending on the size of your nonprofit and the size of the group participating in the training. Reach out today to learn more.