Air Hanger

The PATENTED (U.S. Patent No. 11,477,552) Air Hanger allows you to store your AirPods Max anywhere you have a flat, vertical surface. Wall? No problem. Computer? Perfect. Desk? It can go there, too! And, they put your AirPods Max into ultra-low power mode at the same time to save battery life.

After the release of the AirPods Max, I wanted to find a way to both display my headphones while at the same time being able to place them in ultra low power mode while not in use.

After several iterations and design improvements -- all while learning CAD and 3D printing for the first time in my life -- I have come up with the perfect solution. This is the FIRST smart hanger for the AirPods Max on the market. There is nothing else out there like it!

Magnets at the bottom of the wall hanger allow your AirPods Max to automatically disconnect from your device while not in use. If you leave your AirPods Max on your desk, you may inadvertently send audio or a phone call to them since they do not enter an ultra-low power mode for 72 hours. That is, unless you place them in their supplied carrying cover OR my new wall hanger! The placement of the magnets allows you to hang your AirPods Max on the wall at any band length, from fully retracted to fully extended. A curved lip at the top helps keep your headphones from sliding forward accidentally.

3D manufacturing with PLA filament allows for strong construction with light weight. The Air Hanger weighs less than 45 grams - that's about a 1.5 ounces. The internally-reinforced structure and strategically-placed beams will hold the full weight of the AirPods Max, and then some! Two screw holes toward the top allow you to screw or nail it to the wall; one extra screw hole at the bottom allows you to secure the bottom half to the wall. You can also use adhesive strips from 3M or other brands to safely and securely affix Air Hanger to your wall - just make sure the strips you buy are rated for at least five pounds (to be safe).

As of 12/26/2020, I am currently offering the Air Hanger in black. In the coming weeks, I will be offering the Air Hanger in multiple colors to ideally match those offered by Apple, to whom I am not affiliated. Translucent green and blue will be first.

Contact andrew [!at] for use rights and/or licensing for this product. To purchase, visit my Etsy page by clicking here.